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Knife, Firearm & Concealed-Carry Laws

State Knife Laws - Free resources for knife laws are tough to come by. Bernard Levine's site is a compilation of knife laws for all 50 states, but the research was done in the late 90s (with periodic updating since then). However for $10, he'll research current law for you.

USA Carry - Interactive concealed-carry reciprocity map. See where you can carry when traveling.

NRA-ILA - Guide to the Interstate Transportation of Firearms. Though you're legally allowed to transport firearms across state lines, different states have different requirements for firearm stowage, security, etc. Know the law.

Ammunition & Guns

Freedom Munitions - Specializing in re-manufactured ammunition, the load their own and sell directly to the public from the good old USA. They don't carry a huge range of calibers, but what they do have is low-priced. They generally run 5-10% off specials and even free shipping on occasion. Join their email list for alerts.

Bulk Ammo - Unlike a vast majority of online ammunition retailers, everything listed on their site is in stock and updated in real time. It is by far one of the most, if not the most, user-friendly ammunition supply websites out there. You'll pay a bit more, but for the convenience, they cannot be beaten. - Some of the best ammunition deals on the web can be found here. However, a lot of the inventory listed is frequently out of stock. If you have the patience for navigating their somewhat haphazard website, the savings is definitely worth it.

Gun Deals - User-submitted deals on ammunition. This saves a lot of time when price per round is your biggest concern. You can even enter your zip code and have them factor in the shipping costs, though I've found this isn't always 100% accurate. Search by caliber.

Arms List - Essentially, a Craigslist for guns. Organized by state, you contact the seller directly and either make the transaction in person or do it by mail. Note: unless you have an FFL, all firearms must ship to your local gun dealer.

Gun Broker - This is an auction site for all types of firearms, ammo and accessories (like an Ebay for guns). Again, unless you have an FFL, expect to pay a small fee (mine charges $20) your local gun dealer for taking the transfer.

Survival Schools

Survival World - State by state and country by country breakdown of survival schools. Fairly comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Solo Wilderness Medicine - Self-acclaimed “Oldest Continuously Operating School of Wilderness Medicine in the World.” Offers multiple certifications for medical professionals at various locations throughout the U.S. and globe. If you want instruction on emergency amputation with a dull spoon, this is the place.

Survival Supplies

Best Glide Aviation / Adventure Survival Equipment - This is one of the few retailers that sells actual, U.S. military-grade 550 paracord, among other military-quality survival equipment. I've ordered from them; transactions are smooth and shipping is fast.

The Ready Store & Emergency Essentials - They stock a whole host of survival gear, but I've only purchased their freeze-dried bulk food. Their prices are competitive and have a great selection for those who would rather build their own pantry versus buying one-size-fits-all survival food packs.

Self-Reliance Magazines

Countryside & Small Stock Journal - The magazine of modern homesteading. Promoting self-reliance and simple life style through home food production, gardening, cooking, food preservation and other homesteading techniques. Written by actual homesteaders.

Backwoodsman Magazine - "The magazine for the twenty-first century frontiersman." Includes tips on muzzle loading, woods lore, survival, history, homesteading, self-reliance and primitive living skills. The contributors are creative and very frugal.

Back Home Magazine - "Your Hands-On Guide to Sustainable Living". Mostly geared to homesteaders living off the land, their resources can help anyone start building a self-reliant lifestyle in the suburbs and even in the city. Info on gardening, homeschooling, animal husbandry, scratch cooking and home improvement. NOTE: This magazine is no longer in print. However, back issues are still available and worth the effort to track down.

DIY Home Building

Earthbag Building - Information on natural building techniques like, cob, rammed-earth, strawbale, and earthbag, among others. Focuses primarily on earthbag construction. Includes how-to articles, videos, photo galleries, books and floor plans. Learn how to build totally off-grid.

Dirt Cheap Builder - Alternative Home Building, with focus on slip-form stone masonry, terra tile and traditional DIY home construction.

Natural Building Blog - Highlights eco-friendly building techniques, with emphasis on earthbag and super adobe construction. Also includes general information on conservation movements from around the world. & - Find cheap land in the United States and even around the globe. Many of the properties are suitable for bug-out, off-grid or homesteading locations.

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