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Survivalists make great customers. They purchase regularly and, often, in large quantities. They're planning for the future, SHTF and TEOTWAWKI specifically, and want to make sure they're properly equipped.

To that end, they expect, more accurately demand, top-quality products and services.

Here are some examples of businesses that will benefit most from purchasing ad space on

  • Firearms, ammunition, reloading, body armor, knife, less-lethal weapons sales
  • Self-defense, martial arts training
  • Military surplus
  • Nuclear fallout supplies
  • Storm shelter sales
  • Underground, bomb shelter, bunker sales
  • Hunting, fishing, trapping equipment
  • Camping, outdoor gear
  • Urban, wilderness survival training
  • Emergency wilderness medical training
  • DIY (home building, farming, animal husbandry, etc.) training
  • Homesteading supplies, how-to instruction
  • Shelf-stable food, water manufacturing
  • Gardening equipment, heirloom seed sales
  • Home food preservation, canning, dehydrating supplies
  • Political (conservative), military t-shirts, novelty sales
  • Survival, military, political-themed book sales

This is not an exhaustive list. If you feel your business would be a good fit, fill out the form below and we can discuss it.

A Little Bit About

Founded in Arkansas in 2013, is a small, but growing site, focused on providing original, top-quality resources for new and veteran survivalists alike.

All content is 100% unique and personally written, from scratch, by the owner of or select guest authors. I'm a survivalist at heart and I practice what I preach. My readers deserve nothing less.

According to most recent Google Analytics reports receives an average of 3,500 unique visitors per month, and roughly 60% of these visitors are from the U.S., with another 20% coming from Canada, the UK and Australia. is also optimized for mobile devices, providing the same great desktop content on iOS and Android platforms, among others. Google analyzed user experiences on and awarded us a 5 out of 5 multi-screen (desktop, mobile, tablet) rating. Approximately half of all traffic is from a mobile device. 

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Terms & Conditions

Ads are welcome on, provided your products are of interest to the survivalist, preparedness and self-reliance community. 

As such, all companies and websites are reviewed prior to entering into a formal agreement (contract).

Simply, if you cannot offer quality products and exceptional customer service to my readers, please look elsewhere for your advertising needs.

Any illegal or immoral activity of an advertiser, such as, but not limited to, spamming, phishing, identity theft, etc. will result in an immediate termination of the contract.

The owner(s) of reserve the right to deny advertising space to anyone or any entity for any reason.

To keep things simple, space is rented on 6-month contracts.

A "month" begins on the 1st day of a calendar month (specified by you) and ends on the last day of the same calendar month.

Payments for the entire length of the contract are due in full 10 business days prior to ad publication.

If payment is not received by the specified due date(s), the ad will be pulled and the contract terminated.

The owner(s) of reserve the sole right to terminate any contract, for any reason, without notice. Any paid, unused portion of a contract will be prorated and refunded. All prorations will be calculated on a monthly basis and only full months remaining in the contract will be refunded.

Rates and space are guaranteed for the specified contract duration. However, ad rates and availability are subject to change at any time. All renewals must be renegotiated.

America is still (relatively speaking) a free market, so no non-compete or exclusive arrangements for advertisers are available.

Payment is accepted via Paypal. Invoices will be provided according to agreed upon terms.

Image ads must be emailed in .jpeg, .png or .gif formats as an attachment, be copy-and-paste ready, and conform to the specified pixel sizes. The owner(s) of reserve the right to resize images as needed.

All ads must be received 5 business days prior to the start of the contract for review.

A single destination url must be provided (one url per ad) and may not be changed during the contract.

All ads must be unique. Multiple ads from the same advertiser are allowed, provided each ad presents a different product or service, with each ad leading to a different url.

Ads displayed in the right sidebar, when viewed on a mobile platform, will appear below the main content column. (This only applies when the user chooses to use the mobile version of Our normal website format will appear by default on desktop and tablets.)

Ad space is subject to availability.

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